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What Happened To PodPress?

April 27th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

For those of you who have recently browsed to the website that the popular PodPress plugin calls home, you’ll notice that the site is gone and has been replaced by a parked GoDaddy domain page. This GoDaddy parked page has already sent many people into a frenzy. As I’ve monitored my Twitter stream, many folks were already started to think that PodPress may have up and folded for greener pastures. There have also been a forum post or two discussing the possible demise of the PodPress project. I’ve recently got in contact with the author of PodPress and I have excellent news. The GoDaddy page is the result of a domain registration snafu. The site should be back online either as you read this, or within the next few hours. While talking with Mightyseek, I learned that the new version of PodPress is almost ready for release. The next version […]

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