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WordPress For Dummies 2nd Ed.

November 24th, 2008
WordPress Weekly

This Friday at 8PM EST on WordPress Weekly, our special one hour guest will be Lisa Sabin Wilson who is the author of the book, WordPress For Dummies. During the show, we plan on discussing how hard it is to write about a piece of software that moves 100mph in print format, Lisa’s background in web design and what it is like to theme for WordPress, WordPress For Dummies The Second Edition and much more. This Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the states. On Friday, I want to give my thanks to those of you who continue to show your support while telling your friends about the show and downloading it on a regular basis. On Friday, we will be giving away two signed copies of WordPress For Dummies 2nd Edition. Lisa will sign the copies and ship them once the new edition has been published. So how will we […]

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