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A Kirby That’s Not Pink


Ahh, Kirby. One of my favorite games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. That little pink guy could eat anything! Alas, this Kirby is not pink. It’s white, black, blue, and has square corners. One of the news bits that came out of the WordPress Developers Chat on January 7th is that Matt Mullenweg is spearheading the creation of the new default theme in WordPress named 2010. This means that the default theme will not be something created by a third party. However, Ian Stewart took the challenge upon creating a default theme and Kirby is his result. Kirby is clean, simple, and has good typographical elements, all the building blocks of a good theme. I encourage you to check out Ian Stewarts insight into the design process of this theme and then read the feedback he’s received. Although it won’t be the new default theme in WordPress, it sure looks […]

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