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Do You Still Use Internet Explorer 6?

March 23rd, 2011
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Our recent post on WordPress 3.2’s plans generated some interesting discussion, with the bulk of it centered around the discontinuation of support forĀ Internet Explorer 6 in the Dashboard. Internet Explorer 6, now almost ten years old, was once a power house in its own right. Now, the browser is drowning under its poor support for web standards, a pool of modern web technologies that it can never support, and a flood of hacks that many sites need to employ just to provide a decent browsing experience for IE 6 users. IE 6 was superseded by Internet Explorer 7 in 2006, followed by IE 8 in 2009, and recently IE 9 last week. Of course, alternatives to Internet Explorer, like Firefox, have been around much longer. According to Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer 6 Countdown, 12% of the world still uses the ten-year old browser. The highest concentration of IE 6 users […]

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