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The Groupon Story Started With WordPress

December 3rd, 2010

Andrew Warner who produces the video show Mixergy has published his interview with Andrew Mason, founder of Groupon. While Groupon has recently been given a 5 billion dollar acquisition bid by Google, it wasn’t easy getting started. In fact, Andrew cobbled together scripts and blog posts on a WordPress powered website to get things off the ground. All we did was we took a WordPress Blog and we skimmed it to say Groupon and then every day we would do a new post with the points embedded. It was totally ghetto. We would sell t-shirts on the first version of Groupon. We’d say in the right up, ‘This t-shirt will come in the color red, size large. If you want a different color or size, email that to us.’ We didn’t have a form to add that stuff. We were just, it was so cobbled together. It was enough to […]

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