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Temporary Change of Pilots – Preserving Continuity


Your regular favorite Mark is on vacation for about a week. The task of keeping this blog busy has fallen to me. I will try to maintain Mark’s standards and bring you the best of weblog tools over this period. Everything will continue normally, hopefully. I used to blog actively at WordLog until academic pressures forced me to take a break from blogging. Regaining lost rhythm is difficult, and that blog hasn’t been updated in months. Other more recent pursuits have taken the upper-hand now. So what is your strategy for maintaining the perfect blogging rhythm?, do you guys have a “Workflow” for maintaining frequent updates to your professional blogs? I’d love to hear from you. Write a post on your weblog and then pingback this post (just link to this post) so everyone else can also learn about your techniques. Optionally I will try to condense the best practices […]

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