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Licensing is the vehicle, our users are the environment

July 5th, 2009
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I have been following the WordPress Theme GPL discussion very closely for as long as I have been involved with WordPress and I am glad that Matt, with the help of the Software Freedom Law Center, has cleared the air. There has been a lot of valuable discussion surrounding this blog post and the issue, here is a small list of what I have read. Lloyd’s analysis on GPL and themes Daniel’s view from the other side of the fence (be sure to read through the comments, there is a lot of wisdom there) WPTavern’s forum post on the blog dev blog post and the forum post(s) leading up to it Brian Gardner wants the community to move on Other miscellaneous posts on the issue I am a huge proponent of the GPL and consider it to be one of the primary pillars of WordPress, both as a piece of […]

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