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WordPress News for 1/28/2009

January 28th, 2009
Blogging News, WordPress

Not that we do not hear enough of and his history with WordPress, but USA Today had a nice article on Matt, WordPress and his fans.  Mom says her son is so focused on WordPress, “Sometimes he forgets to eat and sleep. He’s a young man in a hurry. He never stops. I keep telling him to slow down.” Also of interest, via a review on Mashable, is of a service called Errorlytics. It is a 404 redirect service that lets a website owner track 404 page hits, transparently redirect 404 pages to other content within a blog and/or website and possibly increases pageviews and SEO. They have a custom WordPress plugin for the purpose and the service is free for one domain and 5 rules. Now is it worth it? I will never use it because I do not want to depend on another remotely hosted service for […]

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