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eBay SMS Alert

July 1st, 2006
Cool Scripts, General

eBay SMS Alert: If you have ever used eBay and have lost an item to another fellow bidder because you were either too lazy or just did not remember to check your bid, you might also have noticed that eBay provides an SMS alert service to its customers. They promise to alert you via SMS when you are outbid on your auction. However, they charge 25 cents per item for this service. I wrote a small script that does just that and would like to share it with everyone. This is itch and scratch software and has been only tested with my phone and my small list of items. I am at the mercy of eBay and will have to limit the number of alerts on queue. Things might and probably will break, so please use at your own risk. I am not responsible for damages and/or charges on your […]

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