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If Plugin Deactivation Breaks Your Blog

June 1st, 2008

Ever deactivate a plugin, only to have it crash your blog? Typically, this will result in a “Fatal error: Call to undefined function.” which is then displayed on the front end of your site. According to John Lamansky, the reason this error occurs is because the theme is still calling on the plugin you deactivated. John Lamansky has put together a list of steps that you should perform to alleviate this issue entitled, What To Do If Plugin Deactivation Breaks Your Blog. Typically, deleting the plugin file from your plugin directory usually solves most problems. However, John’s list of steps guides you through the process of determining which bits of code from the failed plugin are causing the errors and then removing those lines of code. If you have ever gone through the experience described above, please let us know how you went about fixing the issue.

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