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Congrats DD32

January 13th, 2010

For those that don’t know, DD32 or Dion Hulse has been granted core commit access to the WordPress project. Just from an outside looking in view, I think DD32 is more than deserving of this position as his contributions in and outside of the core have helped many. On new commit messages you might start seeing a familiar name, DD32 aka Dion Hulse. He’ll be initially focusing on the areas he’s already contributed a ton to like automatic upgrades and HTTP. He has been a mentor to many and is not scared to jump into any part of the code keeping a positive outlook no matter how far down the rabbit hole he ends up. If we look deeper into Matts post, this will be a trend for 2010. More people will be granted commit access to the core as a recognition of trust. I think this is a good […]

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Is It Time For Kubrick To Retire?


Dion Hulse a.k.a. DD32 who is a very active WordPress contributor created a ticket in Trac about eight weeks ago outlining his proposal for a new theme to be based on the current WordPress codebase. It’s long been known that a majority of themes that are created for WordPress end up using Kubrick as the base theme. In this day in age, that is not such a good idea as this leads to themes that are not easy to customize, little documentation, and possibly ugly code. DD32’s proposal for a new base theme contains the following suggestions: Uses clean markup Has a basic style included, Which is designed to be replaced. The default style should be able to be used by itself, But it should be in such a way that its simple to be customized Doesn’t rely upon fixed width styling, or fixed background images Uses limited JavaScript Uses […]

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