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Learn How To Cook “WordPress Style”

November 1st, 2008

Not too long ago, a new WordPress based site was launched on the web called The site aims to cut all of the fluff and just publish the bits and pieces of code you need to know in order to accomplish a specific task. The site is maintained by the Jean-Baptiste Jung who also runs Cats Who Code. Here are a few articles worth looking into: How to: Display a random header image How to: Display subpages on your sidebar How to: Change author attribution on all posts at once Definitely worthy of being added to your feedreader.

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Shortcode Generator


Julien of Webinventif has created a shortcode generator for WordPress. Shortcode is like BBcode in that it provides the ability to use shortcuts to execute a block of code, rather than having to write out the block of code time and time again. Julien has made use of the new API calls within WordPress and with his shortcode generator, makes it easy as 1,2,3 to create your own custom shortcode. Although everything has been written in French, this generator looks promising. If anyone could translate this generator into English, I think there would be many WordPresser’s who would be grateful. Here is a screencast showcasing the generator in action. Shortcode generator from on Vimeo

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