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blummy: Bookmarklets on Steroids

August 2nd, 2006
Cool Scripts

blummy: Bookmarklets on Steroids Steve talks about becoming a better blogger with Blummy. Blummy is a custom bookmarklet builder that launches a small AJAX page with pre-built bookmarklets for all kinds of sites, utilities and so forth. The possibilities, I suppose, are endless. Though I am not sure it can be done, there should be an interface to add your own home-grown bookmarklet as well. I personally tend to use many custom and home grown bookmarklets myself. For those that depend on and regularly use/add content to such sites as, Flickr, Alexa and the like, Blummy might be their path to clickage Nirvana. It is well written, fast and definitely worth a looksee. The most attractive feature of Blummy in my book is the ability to quickly try out Blummy without any user registration. I just wish Steve converted his titles into permalinks.

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