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Prepare For WP 2.5

March 9th, 2008

With WordPress 2.5 due to be released today (Hooray!) now would be a good time to go through a series of upgrade checks to see if your blog is ready for 2.5. Lorelle Van Fossen has written up an excellent article on the BlogHerald in regards to the pre upgrade checks you should perform. These include disabling and or removing old plugins, updating themes and plugins, validation, and checking for compatibilities. Going through this series of pre-flight checks as some would say, will help you prepare for a smooth upgrade process. I know I’ll be one of the first to upgrade my blog when I have the chance. When will you upgrade yours? *Note* WordPress 2.5 was TENTATIVELY¬† scheduled to be release on March 10th, 2008. However, it looks like it’s not ready for production treatment and thus, has not been released.

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