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Optometrists and Blogging

December 5th, 2006
Blogging Essays, General

This is the third entrant in The Blogging Essay Contest from If you would like to participate, please email me your entry at mark at wltc dot net. Please rate this article using the star system below. The competition will be judged primarily on the input from readers like you. Thank you. This is written by David from I am an optometric physician. I began blogging when my friend, Josh Bancroft of, introduced me to it in October of 2004. I soon caught the vision of RSS and blogs, and finally started my own at I had intended it to be the start of something: optometrists blogging about all things eye doctor and also giving feedback to the ophthalmic product industry. Unfortunately, no one else bothered to join the conversation (at least publicly, but more about that later). Why are there not more optometrists, or for […]

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