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WordPress Forum User Guide

December 24th, 2008

A recent discussion has popped up on the WordPress Testers mailing list revolving around using the list as an area to receive support. Over the past few weeks, users have been publishing support questions which in many aspects, would be better served in the support forums. The problem with that is, the testers list is maintained and operated by people who have a knowledgeable background with the WordPress software, there are less users, and receiving answers is typically a speedier process. With this in mind, I’ve decided to whip up a guide on how to maximize the use of the forum. It’s not exactly as cut and dry as you would think. This list of steps was comprised mostly by Michael E. Hancock with additional tips provided by Otto and myself. 1. A new user may want to read the Forum Rules 2. Report inappropriate posts/threads by adding […]

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