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FAQ On WordPress 2.5 Version 2

April 9th, 2008
WordPress Tips

Although the FAQ on WordPress 2.5 did an excellent job of answering a ton of frequently asked questions, users chipped in via their comments and ended up asking even more questions. This post will try to highlight a few of the questions brought up in that post and explain the answers in more detail. Q. Is there a way to see a count on the number of comments you have total? A. I’ve looked around for that particular detail and it has been omitted from WordPress 2.5. However, the good news is that a ticket has already been made (Ticket #6471) According to the change history, it looks like this will be one of those things that will come along with 2.6 and not WordPress 2.5.1. Q. What happens if i don’t upgrade to WP 2.5? A. This is open to opinion but I’ll point out the obvious. If you […]

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