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Plugin Review: Autoclose


The man, the myth, the legend, Ajay D’Souza not only brings you news of the latest WordPress plugins and themes to hit the community but he also has a few plugins under his belt. Today, I’ll be reviewing one of those plugins called Autoclose Autoclose enables a granular approach to managing pingbacks/comments/trackbacks on both posts and pages. Some of the highlights that the plugin features: Close Comments on posts/pages older than (number of days). Close Pingbacks/Trackbacks on posts? Close Pingbacks/Trackbacks on pages? Close Pingbacks/Trackbacks on posts/pages older than (number of days). The ability to configure when the plugin runs its configuration to detect if a comment/trackback/pingback need to be closed off. Last but not least, Autoclose also provides a checkbox to delete post revisions. So why would you want to use a plugin like this? For starters, based on my experience with blogging, the conversation on any particular blog post […]

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