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Pheedo Ads for WordPress Feeds

April 25th, 2006

Pheedo Ads for WordPress Feeds: Pheedo has been in beta on Pheedo Ads for WordPress feeds for the past 2 months and they are officially launching this week. Now WordPress publishers can simply cut-and-paste Pheedo’s ad code snippet and they will gain both analytics and ad revenue from their RSS feeds. This enables you to launch in minutes while maintaining your existing feed URL. Pheedo’s advertisers include Microsoft, Nikon, HP, PriceGrabber, PRWeb, Snagit and many more. Their ads are category based and you decide the number of ads that you want to publish with your feeds and their ad network works on a revenue share basis. Pheedo also works well with Feedburner and other RSS analytic tools. You can visit Pheedo’s signup page to start serving ads on your feeds. [EDIT] Only for US TaxID holders (citizens etc.) at this time. Thanks Brendan in comments. [EDIT] Actually, Pheedo does work […]

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