Flickr Gallery gives you a simple way to insert your Flickr photos and videos into your blog.  I’ve utilized WordPress 2.5′s shortcodes to make this as easy as possible. The very simplest of short codes I’ve created is [flickr-gallery].  It creates a generic gallery with your photos.

In addition, I created a short tag that will insert a single photo or embed the flash video player.  It’s designed to let you specify the photo size and whether it floats left or right (or not at all).  For example, simply entering the code [flickr size="small" float="left"]2619634627[/flickr] (you can also use the full photo page’s URL) will create a result that looks a little something like this:

There are also options to display photos by tag, photosets, or even showing the results of an arbitrary search. You can find the details of all of the extra options over on the WordPress Extend page for the plugin which is, coincidentally where you can download the plugin to try it out for yourself.

Flickr Gallery on WordPress Extend