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Uninstall – Is There Such A Thing?

January 7th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

When you think of uninstall, do you think of completely removing something? The official definition for the word is as follows, (uninstall) To remove completely from a system. I ask this question because I have discovered a problem that needs to be addressed by WordPress plugin authors. Over the lifespan of a WordPress installation, there may be a number of plugins that are installed and subsequently uninstalled. Typically, the installation of a WordPress plugin consist of uploading files, folders and then activating the plugin within the admin panel. However, some plugins include a bonus. These are the plugins that create database entries either in the form of tables or data. I’ve used WordPress for over 7 months now, and for those 7 months, I believed that when I deleted the folders and files that were attributed to a plugin, that it was in fact, uninstalled. Only now have I come […]

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