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OPML browser: Grazr

September 19th, 2006
Business of Blogging, Cool Scripts

OPML browser: Grazr Online, AJAX and free OPML browser for your blog or webpage. Interesting concept with an extensive writeup on TechCrunch. The interface is still quite fast and it seems to respond and load quickly even after being TechCrunched. I still have a problem with the actual use of such a tool on any blog. The general public will not find it very useful and without significant indentity management and it is quite useless as an actual feed reader. Marshall from TechCrunch suggests the New York Times RSS page as an example of a page that could benefit from Grazr but I have to disagree. I personally would visit that RSS collection to pick and choose feeds for my feedreader and rather like the granularity it provides. Notwithstanding the usability of the NYTimes RSS page, Grazr would just be confusing. In addition, I still have to figure out how […]

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