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Plugin Review: cSprites for WordPress


What is cSprites for WordPress? cSprites for WordPress plugin helps speed up your blog by reducing the number of requests made for images. When activated all images within a post will automatically be stitched up and displayed properly as compressed CSS sprites. Screenshots Before activating, all images within a post are being retrieved using separate requests. After activating, all images are stitched together into one compressed image and retrieved using only one request. The plugin then uses CSS magic to display these image sprites properly within the post. Features Quality and style settings let you specify the compression level for the stitched up image sprite. Ability to include/exclude certain types. Cache expiration tuning. SEO Options for SEO nerds. What I Like About It cSprites for WordPress was written to do one thing (convert all post images into compressed image sprites to speed up your blog) and it does it very […]

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