WordPress Theme Releases for 1/8


Golden Bloom is a simple but rich and elegant theme that has fluid width and columns, right sidebar, and a vertical menu rather than a horizontal menu to enable the cohesive, clean appearance of the header.

Good is a mobile friendly theme that comes with built in breadcrumbs, pagination, single post stylsheets, Jigoshop e-commerce plugin integration, and simplicity.




  1. ketty (1 comments.) says:

    nice header and color scheme. and “Good” is really good theme, specially the ecommerce feature. Nice sharing.

  2. Jim Cooney (1 comments.) says:

    Golden Bloom looks really nice, but would much rather a horizontal menu than a vertical one. Is there a simple way to change that?

  3. Dan O'Donnell (1 comments.) says:

    I agree with Jim, I prefer a horizontal menu. I was watching my friend working with his favorite wordpress theme earlier tonite and was amazed at how quickly he could slap together a fairly robust site. I only have a little wordpress experience, but I’m pretty impressed.

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