Jetpack 1.2 has Landed

November 20th, 2011
WordPress Plugins

Jetpack 1.2 has been released, bringing more core features to self-hosted WordPress blogs.

This major update to the popular plugin brings super-easy email subscriptions (just add the widget and you’re done), Google+ has been added to the sharing buttons, new short codes for VideoPress and Google Maps, and a quick and easy Image widget.

If you’re using Jetpack, upgrade now! If not, now is the perfect time to try it!




  1. Babs Powers (13 comments.) says:

    I’m not too impressed with this update.

    I initially got it to continue using WP Stats, I’m liking “After the Deadline”, and the Gravatar Hovercard got some use – until I switched over to Disqus, but the rest of it (especially the stuff included with this update) is useless to me.

    And why are shortlinks included? Didn’t we already get the ability to use shortlinks before Jetpack?

    • James (184 comments.) says:

      The shortlinks were included with the Stats plugin, but that plugin is no longer under active development and was effectively replaced with Jetpack.

      If you’re not happy with any of the additional modules, you can disable them from the Jetpack section of your blog’s Dashboard.

  2. Layne Heiny (1 comments.) says:

    I’m glad development continues but this still cannot be added to a multisite. When clicking on “Connect to” the admin page returns to the front page of the site. There is no way that I’d disable all of the plugins (hundreds) across a multisite to get this installed. Hopefully this will be fixed. Best of luck.

  3. Vernessa Taylor (2 comments.) says:

    Hi James,

    Looks like numerous bloggers writing about the newest version of JetPack is missing the fact that it hijacks the commenting system on self-hosted blogs. Doesn’t anyone care about that? I, for one, don’t want my comments from my self-hosted blog diverted over to I actually had to “rescue” my comments system. Really bad business.

    What’s most annoying about the whole affair is that the plugin opts-in bloggers to this off-site comment subscription without asking permission. Looks like that’s what has happened to your commenting system as well.

    • James (184 comments.) says:

      There’s no comment hijacking, but it does add a “Notify me of follow-up comments by email.” checkbox to your comment form. This is part of the subscription mechanism, and the box is always unchecked by default.

      Your comments themselves are not affected.

      • Vernessa Taylor (2 comments.) says:

        Does that mean that does not actually manage your comments?

        I checked the “notify me of replies” when I left the comment above. Instead of getting a notification of your reply from, I got a “confirm your subscription” email from That seems a bit strange, don’t you think?

        • James (184 comments.) says:

          The subscription portion is managed through (so you don’t have to worry about server configuration, bandwidth, and the other headaches that can come with running your own subscription service), but the comments are still managed through your own blog.

  4. Neil Asher (1 comments.) says:

    Great update to a great plugin

    I’ve been using this to grow my list for a while now and i love it

    Great work guys

    Neil asher

  5. JMS (1 comments.) says:

    Since i has installed JatPack, i cant use it as a good traffic resource… thereĀ“s a configuration to do ?

    • James (184 comments.) says:

      Jetpack includes its own stats module, which you can enable via the Jetpack section of your blog’s Dashboard.

      What sort of trouble are you running into?

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