WordPress 3.1 in Need of More Testers

December 25th, 2010
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WordPress 3.1 is running just a little bit behind schedule.  The second beta was released ten days ago and more testers are needed to make sure that the final release doesn’t ship with any undiscovered bugs.

The final release is hopefully not too far away, so now’s the perfect time to download the beta and make sure that your plugins and themes work. If you find any bugs with WordPress 3.1, please feel free to discuss them with the wp-testers mailing list.

Have you tried WordPress 3.1 yet?




  1. gestroud says:

    I’ve tried it on a few sites. Seems all right, but for some reason, it wound up breaking the display of the Fun with Sidebar Tabs plugin, which I use on all of my sites. I realize that the plugin is supposedly only compatible up to WP 2.7. All of my sites use WP 3.0.3. I haven’t had any display errors until now.

  2. amit (1 comments.) says:

    I tried it on some sites
    And it works very well

  3. Tim (2 comments.) says:

    Testing and thoroughly looking forward to seeing the 3.1 release! Just keeps building on the past and getting better with each release.

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