In a word, “wow.”

April 8th, 2008
Blogging, Blogging News, LinkyLoo, WordPress on The new WordPress How do I like WordPress 2.5? In a word, “wow.” Thanks Chris




  1. m@ (16 comments.) says:

    How appropriate that a website dedicated to an open source operating system write praise of an open source web publishing platform.

  2. CWF Game Cast (1 comments.) says:

    Oh M@ I love the sarcasm. I’m glad someone loves 2.5. Ever since I upgraded to 2.5 RC1 and then to 2.5 I’ve had nothing but problems. I’m not talking the minor ones but the “omigod this is the scariest thing i eva seen” kind.

    Frankly, I hope 2.3.3 receives continued support and that WP swings back that way. WP 2.5 is a major headache.

  3. Chris (26 comments.) says:

    I used to visit this site a lot when I was a Linux junkie, but I haven’t seen it in probably two years now. This link gave me a chance to get reacquainted with it, and provided a good preview of 2.5 before I upgrade. Hope to get that done next week. Thanks.

  4. Vaibhav (8 comments.) says:

    Yup, I upgraded as soon as I could when it was out. The admin certainly feels much better now….

  5. Ro (3 comments.) says:

    Yes! Greatest Blog or CMS system ever!

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