WordPress Plugin Releases for 8/13

August 13th, 2007
WordPress Plugins

AJAX Login means that the login, registration, and password retrieval processes are executed without reloading the entire page.

cron-demo demonstrates how the WordPress Cron feature can be used.

WP-Definitions is an easy way to bring clarity to your blog by adding double square brackets around any word like this: [[word]]. The definition of that word will then be included at the bottom of your post and the word itself will become a named anchor linking to the definition Please be aware that this plugin adds a hidden link to your blog.

DualFeeds allows you to offer your readers both a full post feed (with the more tag stripped) and a summary feed.

Find Us implements Google Maps into your WordPress website.

Flexible Website Thumbnails enables you to display website thumbnails in your posts.

Hide Email disguises email addresses within your posts and pages from spambots.

Mini-Manager is designed to allow you to manage mini blocks of HTML, then include them in posts or pages simply by using their reference name in curly braces, like so: {Reference_Name}.

Page Redirect enables you to create a new page that will redirect to a different page or any url.

WP-Pingpreserver prevents WordPress from discarding pings when a single post links to multiple posts on your site.

Shylock Adsense allows you to insert Adsense ads on your blog without modifying the template.

Zooomr RSS allows you to integrate the photos from a zooomr rss feed into your site.




  1. mosey says:

    Great selection today! Thanks!
    I can see Mini Manager being very useful! :D With regards to page redirect, I haven’t used it myself, but am using something similar called ‘Page Links to’ which does what seems to be the same thing, so people could consider that option too! Either way, it’s good to have choices.

  2. rebeltrooper (1 comments.) says:

    Hey there a few great!!! thanks!!!


  1. Fun plugin, only partially works…

    So I guess if you are going to use text, CLICK HERE or EMAIL and enclose that in the mailto: tag, you are ok. Or if you are just going to publish an email address, it will work ok. But not both.

  2. […] Web tools Collection: WP-Definitions is an easy way to bring clarity to your blog by adding double square brackets […]

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