APAD All May


Having missed out the last few days of the “A Plugin A Day” series due to me being on holidays, we will be continuing the series all through May.

With so many plugins still worth reviewing, the days in April fell shot anyway. This means we are still accepting emails from plugin authors to have their plugins featured.

Read the original post for instructions on how to submit a plugin for review. Remember the more information you provide us the easier it is for us to review and test your plugin.

Note that we are selective about which plugins get featured here, so sending in an email doesn’t mean an assured post.

Also, your plugin doesn’t need to be a new release. You can email us about an old plugin that is still highly relevant. Some of the plugins featured in the last month have been released several months back.

I look forward for the emails. Once again, remember to follow the instructions clearly while sending the email.




  1. tyler (3 comments.) says:

    This is excellent. This series is simply sweet!

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