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March 11th, 2007
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Here at WeblogToolsCollection, we try to put aside Sunday as Blog Vacation Day. Of course, I am violating that theory by writing this post but for the most part, we set aside Sunday to put our house in order. We clean posts, trim and manage comments and spam, play with the code and plugins, mess with the ads, reply to emails, formulate weekly posts, plan out the rest of the week and generally just post nothing on the live blog. That gives us a reason to come back on Monday and start afresh and I believe it really helps.

Do you have a Blog Vacation Day? If so, which one and why?




  1. Tyler (1 comments.) says:

    I prefer saturdays.. time to recover from a friday night. :P

  2. Ibrahim Cesar (2 comments.) says:

    My Blog Vacation Day is suppose to be on Mondays (I’m a Garfield fan)

  3. Jan Marien (1 comments.) says:

    I don’t have a vacation day and I don’t need one. I use my website as a database for my books and I write on my blog after reading a book. You’ll understand that I can not write every other day.
    By the way, did you already hear about this initiative: the Shutdown Day? One day completely without a computer! Have a look at
    Sincerely yours,

  4. Ashish Mohta (14 comments.) says:

    I do it on saturdays too.Main reason the readers are on vacation too on friday night.So i just clean up everything and try to add some ideas and code changes

  5. Ahmed Bilal (2 comments.) says:

    It’s an excellent idea. Some bloggers I know tend to take the whole weekend off – good if you want to put one day aside for promotion as well.

  6. Mark (386 comments.) says:

    Jan: Shutdownday would not work for me (work related) but its a good thought.

  7. Kirk M (4 comments.) says:

    Oh, now that sounds like a great idea. Funny though. I find I don’t need to discipline myself to post continuously…I need to discipline myself to take a day off. It also makes for better content that way. Lets my brain (such as it is) recharge and satisfies the “tinkerer” side of me at the same time.

    Since my blog has no niche, this might just work real well for me.

  8. Kyle Eslick (3 comments.) says:

    I find that I’m the opposite. I tend to do most of my catchup on posts and such on the weekends because I have a day job during the week that keeps me busy.

    I think thats a great idea if you blog full time though!

  9. Donno (1 comments.) says:

    My blog vocation day is monday to friday coz i just only partime blogger and must learn more about code and plugin to use..

  10. Timothy Haroutunian (1 comments.) says:

    Since December 1st, I have not had a Blog vacation day because I have posted every single day and sometimes more than once a day. It has really helped my traffic but it is something I enjoy to do.

  11. Elber (1 comments.) says:

    I used to post whenever I felt like it – Saturday, Sunday, or otherwise. Since I discovered scheduled posts, however, I’ve avoided Sunday posts – I schedule most of what I write on the weekend to come out on Monday morning instead.

  12. Bes (4 comments.) says:

    For me, everyday is a normal blog working day and every night is a blog vacation night. :)

  13. miCRoSCoPiC^eaRthLinG (1 comments.) says:

    I believe in an extended vacation ;) … my blog vacation days span Fri-Sun .. ermmm.. since those are the days I gotta devoutly tend to my girl on those days (who’s real sweet and puts up with my total ignorance of her for the rest of the weekdays) :D

  14. Shari (1 comments.) says:

    My blog vacation day is whenever I feel like it. I’m very unpredictable when it comes to blogging. But maybe I really should set aside one day to catch up with everything not blog-related.

    I signed up for Shutdown Day last month. Hope I’ll be able to hold up to it. ;)

  15. Mr.Byte (1 comments.) says:

    I guess vacation day is needed for professional bloggers or full time bloggers and not for people who spend an hour two for blogging as an hobby…

  16. Jonathan (81 comments.) says:

    Echo Donno. I’m a weekend blogger. I try to get my new stuff out on Saturday, but for the past three or four weeks my “schedule” has been more the exception than the rule. :o\

  17. tomas (1 comments.) says:

    I´m almost everyday in internet, so I post everyday.

  18. Peter (1 comments.) says:

    I take Sunday as my day off. I need the time to do spontaneous things without worrying about any deadlines. Read a book, go on a walk, visit etc. Helps me keep my life in balance.

  19. Ulysses Ronquillo (1 comments.) says:

    Donno. Wasn’t there a song back in the 1980’s by Stevie Wonder called “Part Time Blogger?” Never mind. I stand corrected. It’s part-time lover. :)

  20. Tommi (1 comments.) says:

    Good idea. I don’t have one, but perhaps I should. Wednesday would be good, since I have a day job.

  21. mike (1 comments.) says:

    wow, you mean people actually get a day off, I’m very jealous

  22. Jonathan (83 comments.) says:

    Sounds like a plan to me!

    ‘Cept I’ll be doing my weekly SEO article today and future posting it :P

  23. engtech (4 comments.) says:

    I take sat/sun off. I can work on blog stuff, but I don’t let myself post anything new.

    Writing content for every day of the week is too much work, so I try to aim for something every day M-F.

  24. Amanda (18 comments.) says:

    Mine is also sunday normally because it gives me time to do chacha guides, working on my other projects and so forth.

  25. John (17 comments.) says:

    Days off… Personal, professional, or blogging, I try to have no such thing. My personal quote is, “I will rest when I am dead.” Which will probably come sooner that I thought. :)

  26. Itsonlybarney (1 comments.) says:

    My days off for blogging is any day that I don’t end up posting, which usually ends up being most days of the week.

    I want to get into a regular routine but I don’t know what I want to concentrate a new blog on.

  27. azrin (11 comments.) says:

    Monday is a half day and Friday is another half day.
    Monday cos my head spins after the sunday codings and friday afternoon for congression.

    Weekends are bit slow as I lack of ideas to pinch and talk about. But then it’s also time to test my theories of Blogging.

    Especially this stats I got :

    Azrin @
    Look out for SEO Engineering 101.

  28. Clickfire (1 comments.) says:

    I need more work days. I have too many days off my blog now.

  29. pelf (1 comments.) says:

    I don’t have one, never thought of it, but it’s not a bad idea at all. And I think I’m going to take Fridays off, since Fridays in Terengganu (Malaysia) are like Sundays in any other places :)

  30. Patrick Havens (14 comments.) says:

    I really don’t have a vacation day per say. But I’ve found I take it easy more on the weekends (traffic dies down anyway, no matter if I post or not) so I don’t stress if I can’t make a post. But it seems I always make at least one post a day.

  31. Chewxy (8 comments.) says:

    Saturdays and Sundays are shut down days for me. I live completely stress free, without my PC or phone, or TV. Just me, and a book
    As for blog vacations… I do that sometimes… but randomly

  32. Jocke Dieden (1 comments.) says:

    I dont’t close the shop, but I use it differently.

    This weekend I tried to sell my old car in the blog, instead of posting something serious:)

  33. Dennis Hornbech (1 comments.) says:

    Saturdays and Sundays are off days for me to, since I have 2 kids that I think should get the full attention during weekends. And well yeah, the mrs. too ;-)

  34. Jacob Fresco (1 comments.) says:

    I don’t really have the need to schedule a vacationday as I only blog when something worth blogging occurs. However, I tend to take the wednesday-evening off completely, just watching some TV…

  35. TechZ (11 comments.) says:

    Ideally, I should plan my posts, but I just blog as I like nowadays…no real schedule.

  36. Justin (3 comments.) says:

    I usually take Friday and Saturdays off because it’s the only part of the week when I have blocks of time large enough to mess around with code. I do post occasionally on those days, but mostly it’s for cleanup.

  37. David Bradley (20 comments.) says:

    I’m planning to have a Blog-Vacation-day(TM), it will be January 16, 2009, that’s the earliest I can make it…


  38. Halina Goldstein (3 comments.) says:

    I don’t regard blogging work, and so don’t feel a need for vacation…
    I blog when I feel inspired and don’t blog when I don’t feel like it. That goes both for my inspirational blog, my marketing blog and my private coaching blog.


  39. Booger (1 comments.) says:

    There is no real pattern to my blogging/twiddling with my site. I think there should be though because it might help in the production area which lacks a majority of the time.

  40. Matthew Jabs (2 comments.) says:

    I do celebrate Blog Vacation Day once a week.

    Although I have not designated a particular day of the week, it always ends up being Saturday or Sunday. I think now, after reading this post, I too will designate Sunday as eJabs Blog Vacation Day!

    Thank you for this wonderful idea. I truly believe this will help me focus on content all week long, leave a day for site changes & clean up, and truly help me to be fresh and not burned out for Monday.

  41. Susan (1 comments.) says:

    Mine is the whole weekend…to not blog…but messing with the templates and all that jazz I usually do in the middle of the night.


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