WordPress Plugin Releases for 2/02

February 2nd, 2007
WordPress, WordPress Plugins

Site Unavailable allows you to make your blog temporarily unavailable to your users. It is still accessible by the administrator accounts.

Comment Analysis contains a suite of functions which examine the comments on your blog.

Category Overload provides an alternate administrative interface for managing categories in WordPress. Docs and download.

ClassyBody adds contextually intelligent CSS classes to your BODY tag, giving the more high-powered designers out there much greater control of the CSS of a given WordPress page.

FirstRSS and SideRSS will let you insert an RSS feed into a template with only one line of code.

Throttle is a WordPress implementation of a bandwidth limiting throttle. It provides the framework to monitor and report current site load to your site’s plugins or themes, allowing them to limit non-essential elements until load reduces.

KML Viewer converts links to a KML file (as used by Google Maps and Google Earth) into a Google Map.

My Tags allows you to create your own custom tags to use in your blog. Here, the tags can be imagined to be be simple shortforms which are replaced with the full version.


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