WP Extension: WP-Manage

January 20th, 2007
LinkyLoo, WordPress Hack

WP Extension: WP-Manage This extension (or hack) for WordPress allows for backup and upgrade of WordPress from inside its own interface. I am not sure why it was not integrated into the WordPress admin though it does honor the WordPress user profile. It uses special Zip and Mysql backup backup classes from inside PHP and does not require the use or permission of passthu(). As an FYI (since my backup plugin had the vulnerability), the backup files created are still world readable and though the filenames are random, there is an element of risk involved. The upgrade feature, albeit cool, might be a bit dangerous if not coupled with the backup.




  1. Alex (10 comments.) says:

    Hi Mark,

    many thanks for this article. :-)

    As for the admin, this is a really good question. This application started as an alternative to the shell-based upgrade solutions (there are a couple of them around). I just went on developing, but it didn’t come to my mind to directly implement it as plugin. I’m still not sure if this is possible or advantageous but I’ll definitely consider it.

    Concerning the backups, other users also wrote me they are in favour of an instant download, so I’ll implement it for a future release.

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