XMLRPC Sploit Cornfusion


XMLRPC Sploit Cornfusion: How did the Inquirer people derive that article from their alleged source?
The recent vulnerabilities reported about PHP blogging tools (including WordPress) is partially wrong. WordPress is not affected by those series of vulnerabilities because WordPress does not use the same XML-RPC libraries as those other blogging tools. WordPress DID have its own set of vulnerabilities which have been patched. The only common thread between all of this hoopla seems to be the discoverer of these vulnerabilities.

Please stop spreading misinformation. No new vulnerabilities with WordPress or WordPress’ XML-RPC API has been found beyond the ones that are fixed by the WordPress team already.

Read more about the WordPress vulnerabilities and their fixes at the WordPress Development Blog, Photomatt’s Blog and almost every other blog in the WordPress Planet!




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    Ok: retiro parcialmente lo que dije acerca de las vulnerabilidades de los weblogs debido a fallas en la implementación de XML-RPC, puesto que WordPress no está afectado, según leo… Me da g…

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