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March 15th, 2005
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WP One Click Backup Tutorial: Speaking of detailed and thorough tutorials, if you have ever wanted to successfully install and use the One Click Backup Plugin for WordPress 1.5 and would have liked to review a tutorial to install/use it, this is the place! Detailed post with lots of pictures and visual clues.




  1. Dave M. (2 comments.) says:

    So I installed this and tried it out. It mostly works… I was able to successfully backup my database. However, when I click “Backup WordPress Files”, I get this:
    Warning: opendir(/home/davescha/public_html/wp-content/../wp-content/../wp-content/../wp-content/../wp-content/../ (and on and on…)
    in /home/davescha/public_html/wp-admin/Tar.php on line 774

    Any ideas? Thanks

  2. Rob Hyndman says:

    The backup plugin was very easy to install and works great. But as a relative newbie, the instruction for “Limit access to the backup folder” was a bit over my head. Anyone know of a newbie explanation for this?


  1. says:

    WordPress One Click Backup Plugin Tutorial

    Weblog Tools Collection points to a decent looking tutorial for setting up and using their One Click Backup Plugin for WordPress 1.5. The tutorial is a good step-by-step with lots of screen shots. There are now no excuses for not keeping your WordPress…

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  3. WP One Click Backup Tutorial.

    WP One Click Backup Tutorial .

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