Mac OS X Apache, MySql, PHP install packages

July 28th, 2004
Cool Scripts, LinkyLoo

Server Logistics Software: While in the process of finding, compiling and installing various applications on my newfound Mac OS X 10.3 Blue and White G3, I came across this fabulous site which had prevuilt install packages. Te packages really helped me and I hope they will help someone else as well!




  1. hans says:

    Try MAMP:
    Its the easiest way to install apache, php and mysql on a mac

  2. Greg (1 comments.) says:

    You will not be able to connect to the database from Dreamweaver this is why sucks big time! The best is to make it work with the MAC default installation – there is an article on Macromedia Dev Center that works more or less (_
    If you want a click and run solution than XAMPP (_ kick ass! One word of attention: if you did not succed from from first with the installation you can have problems. Once you change the password (and stop the FTP daemon probably) you will not be able to do modifications through the CP if you uninstall and you will have deactivated mysql. You will have to edit the files with a text editor and make the required changes. So take your time – it is easy – and do not make any mistake.

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