Reverting email

July 6th, 2004

Until further notice, I am reverting my primary email back to dinki at, in other words, if you need to contact me, please use dinki at
The GMail service is simply annoying. It is up only at non-peak times and is inaccessible during peak hours, when I use it the most. The most important feature that ANY email service can provide is access to their system which GMail lacks at this time, thus making it a terrible service no matter what the other benefits are.

Switching completely to GMail was a mistake. Sorry for any inconvenience.




  1. Simon (1 comments.) says:

    Hmmm, I have never had that problem.

  2. Jina (1 comments.) says:

    I feel your pain. I switched all my email forwards to my gmail account – and have been facing nothing but frustrations. Unfortunately, I do not have a Mac (yet) so I am not fortunate to have a Mac account. But I do know that I was no where near happy with yahoo, or hotmail, so I have yet to find the email for me.

  3. Matt (64 comments.) says:

    That’s what you get for being an early adopter. ;)

  4. Mark says:

    I know, I know, my fault. I should have known better.
    Though .Mac has very little space, it has served me incredibly well, I should not diss it nor should I whine about the inadequacies of a nascent service.

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