Password authenticated pastebin for files

June 30th, 2004

If you have ever used PHP-pastebin from you know what I am talking about. What I am looking for is a pastebin for files of varying types. Here are some of the basic requirements that I am thinking of:

  • Must be able to upload files of any type
  • Ability to upload multiple files at one time, user controlled number of files
  • Ability to password protect files or a collection of files
  • Radius authentication (?)
  • Ability to determine the type of media uploaded to display appropriately
  • (Maybe) create folders inside a single upload entity to organize things better
  • Ability to “expire” files at a preset time

Basically, I am looking for a much simplified Concurrent Versions System that would allow Radius Authentication for users at the upload end and password authentication at the download end. The authentication system does not have to be very sohpisticated at all if I can have access to the code. I just do not want to reinvent the wheel. Getting back to my original thought, I want a password protected pastebin for files.

If something like this does not exist already in the shape I want it to be, I might be interested in developing something.



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