WuhWuh 0.1 Functional Specifications and recruiting effort

March 1st, 2004

I am actively seeking a couple of people to work with me on the WuhWuh project. At least one person (more preferable) to help with the documentation and one person to help me with the code. A word of warning for everyone interested in working with me. I am a stickler for thoroughness and I hate to work with people that do not keep their promises. That being said, I also do not really care how long it takes you to do something as long as you finish it within the time you decided on at the beginning of the project.

Here is what I am looking to achieve in terms of documentation:
1) We need an exhaustive run down of each hack implemented (you will have the list of hacks) including the url, original author, functions used, how to tweak the functions and where the function is added into the original WP code.
2) There will need to be exhaustive install/migrate documentation and ways to fix common issues (which should be added on as and when they are discovered)
3) We need a Functional Specification for WW (this will require most work and deserves most energy) From a users’ perspective, we need to know how to use each hack in great detail and how each hack can be helpful
4) Once the Release Candidate is out, work will be needed to come up with a Functional Specification for WuhWuh version 1.0 (in keeping with WordPress Version 1.2 or the next big release)

Here is what I am looking to achieve with code:
1) Most of the hacks listed below have already been implemented. Some changes/additions need to be made which I will work on.
2) I would like to see each hack controlled from the main wp-admin interface. I need someone to help me with that.
3) I REALLY want to implement 2 different hacks which I will need help with:
– Comments for Links in the Link manager (destined for WuhWuh 0.1 RC2)
– Multiple Blog capability: This hack has to be seperately implementable into a vanilla WP install, and of course in WuhWuh RC2
4) The original design for WuhWuh 0.1 was to start with a new installation and not provide a “migration tool”. That goal has changed since the inception. I need some help in creating scripts to add the database changes (in a vanilla, already populated WP install) for a WW install. So the “migration” would mean running a php script to modify the database and replace exisiting WP files with WW files. Simple and succint.

If you would like to get involved, please email me at dinki at mac dot com

This project is NOT going to be publicized in the WordPress forums and I will appreciate any links or publicity from individuals wishing to help make its presence known. :)

Here is a list of stuff done so far and a wishlist:

Stuff included in this version:
1) Threaded comments – Done
2) Alex’s Last visit – Done
3) Waypath (which really helps with G**gle BTW) – Done
5) Users Online – Done
6) Most Popular posts – Done
7) Most Commented posts – Done
8) Last x comments – Done
9) Built in stats – Done
10) Built in translation either through my script – Done
11) Built in moblog functionality – Done
12) Sticky posts – Done
13) Comment Spam Blacklist integrated – Done
14) Built in referrer list using downes’ script – Done
15) A choice of ALL themes from the CSS contest, with Alex’s Style Switcher – (needs some more work) Done
16) wp-admin page has built-in style chooser for whole blog – Done
16) Clickable smilies on comment and post pages – Done
17) Built in LiveJournal Update through XMLRPC – Done
19) Photo/keyword placement or highlight tags within a post – Done
20) Search engine welcome and highlite script – Done
26) Backup and restore files and database built in – Done
27) Weather Hack – Done
28) Amazon Media Manager (denyerc) – Done
29) Commenter Plugger – Done
30) Categorized, sortable archives – Done
31) PHPGiggle – Not Done yet, but will be in the final release (Thanks Carthik)
32) Technorati Link cosmos
33) Built in RSS News Reader for Link Manager links
34) Built-in Polls (GamerZ) controlled from wp-admin

Wishlist/Stuff in next version:
1) Mozilla Right Click Blog This xpi builder
2) A setting to make older entries comment moderated
3) MT/Blogger/any blog tool with XMLRPC Update, built in update
4) One of the many photo hacks
5) Cookie managed breadcrumbs
6) Alex’s groups hack
7) A custom page to configure pingers – Done in WordPress 1.2
8) All new WordPress 1.2 (or greater) backend
9) Maybe, just maybe, multiple blogs under one admin
10) Suggested: comments for links (from link manager)

Suggestions, comments, linkage?




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