WuhWuh 0.1 Demo

February 29th, 2004

I have put together a “hacked version” of WordPress 1.1 alpha and would like to get some feedback on it before I package it for release. Here is the link to “WuhWuh” version 0.1 (pronounced woo’aah woo’aah) ;)
Some of the prominent features include simple 3 step installation and a built in theme manager.

Username for login: admin
Password: password

I have a long functional document (explaining all the hacks, functions and ways to use them as well as the changelog and other explanations) along with a wish list and upcoming enhancements. If this does catch on, expect a seperate set of forums (to prevent confusion the original WP forums) and a release cycle of once per major release of WordPress.

And ummm…people…dont change the password! That is just stupid to do. It is my database, my server, my control. It just makes life a little more difficult for other people trying to log on. So…ummm….grow up!
Still needs coded: an importer for older WordPress entries.




  1. Alex says:

    Any reason you’re not using the wp-style directory name like I did with my style switcher? It would be nice (for the users) to have one standard…

  2. Matt (64 comments.) says:

    Does an “importer” mean that a WW database is not compatible with WP? Are you planning for this to be a fork or more like WP-enhanced?

  3. Mark (36 comments.) says:

    Actually, that is something that completely slipped my mind. I should have done it that way and will change it to the wp-style switcher directory structure before release.

  4. Mark (36 comments.) says:

    Matt (and everyone else),
    WuhWuh consists of the WordPress core and IS NOT a fork. It is an extension to make WP hacks more within the reach of some people. It is a “fully hacked” version of WordPress.

    The database presently contains a few extra tables and entries for various hacks. There are three directions that I could take with it. I could try to either import those changes into an existing WP database (as one big chunk, one step in the install process, a bit of extra time coding those changes as an SQL import).

    My second option is to provide an “import” script from an existing WP database into the WW database, which would retain those extra options.

    Lastly, I could offer this ONLY as a new install (which I am leaning towards for the first version). Once the database is populated with entries and the changes from the hacks are in place, any upgrade of the database would retain those changes and WordPress will be intact.

    The goal of this mess is that in case of any upgrade being performed, either through a direct WordPress upgrade, or through a WW upgrade, the process is seamless and does not break anything.

    Any suggestions in this regard will be very appreciated.

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