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February 10th, 2004
Cool Scripts

This is a wonderful tool written by Tony Bierman (an accomplished software architect and manager, I might add) which lets a webmaster add flavor to any HTML markup page. It is of course, of great use to us bloggers who are looking to make our pages more quality sensitive. Basically it is a combination of filters for various acronyms, links, search terms etc. In the words of Tony,

phpGiggle locates user-defined keywords and phrases in an HTML document or string and subsequently replaces the keywords or phrases with anchor tags linking to user-defined URLs. As well, pre-defined ‘template’ anchor tags are included for,,,,, and others. With phpGiggle, anchor tags for an entire website can be contained in a single file, with links being dynamically generated when the HTML is displayed to vistor’s browser. This is particulary useful for sites with dynamically generated content, such as Blogs, News sites, etc. Content creators need-not worry about creating links when posting new content, as phpGiggle will auto link the keywords and phrases at runtime. phpGiggle performs dynamic anchor tag generation very quickly and with no noticeable impact to the browser, providing a pleasant user experience that includes plentiful links to additional content which the reader may find useful.

Frankly, it is pretty cool, is always in development (so expect newer cooler features all the time) and is a great addition to ANY webpage!
Here is the link to phpGiggle-1.1.0 Download Page
phpGiggle has also been listed on FreshMeat (version tracking will be easier from there, so try the download from Freshmeat to get the latest version)




  1. Mark says:

    This is a test

  2. Tony Bierman (1 comments.) says:

    Milestone Release: phpGiggle-1.2.0

    1. This is a milestone release which includes a new, secured administrative interface for the adding, deleting and modifying of keywords.
    2. All current phpGiggle users are recommended to upgrade as soon as possible.

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