WordPress 0.72 is out of Beta

October 12th, 2003

The WordPress team has released a full version of WordPress (which is what this blog is, and it has been updated to 0.72 as well) 0.72. It has some very nice new features which were lacking in b2 and even in the old WordPress. There are more options to configure and much more control over the output of the blog. There is a pseudo Blogroll built into the system and even allows update information to be downloaded from the Blogrolling website. I did have some problem with the setup of the links, but realized soon enough that it was a mistake on my part. Just remember to enable the php include for “” at the beginning of the index.php and everything else takes care of itself. Here is the link from SourceForge to download the zip file with the updated WordPress.

Some of the bugfixes and updates listed on the WordPress DevBlog include:

Tons of bug fixes
Password protected posts
Cursor-aware quicktags (like using a fancy text-editor)
Improved API support: full or near full support for the Blogger, MetaWeblog, and MT APIs
New template design from Dave Shea
New configuration method, no more editing files!
New Blogger import
Improved upgrade and install scripts.
Improved post and edit interface
RSS feeds for comments
RSS feeds support Conditional GET
Improved XHTML auto-formatting
Improved Link Manager
Geographical data support
Improved image upload features
Improved calendar
Improved smilies function
No more invalid characters
Increased customizability
And more!

Let me know what you think of the new template included with the package. There are going to be a few more available.




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