WordPress 2.9’s post image feature

November 16th, 2009
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Everything you need to know about WordPress 2.9’s post image feature:  Justin gives everyone an in depth look into the post thumbnail or image thumbnail features built into WordPress 2.9 post_imageJeff already makes liberal use of post images in all his posts. Also included, for the benefit of theme authors, are detailed instructions on how to add post image features to your WordPress theme and create various feature sets around this core concept.




  1. Charles Macy (1 comments.) says:

    I have been using WordPress for three years, and have never had problems downloading images until I upgraded to 2.8.

    That is also about the time I changed hosts and changed servers. We recently upgraded to 2.85 but still can not transfer any new images in from my computer. I have plenty that I previously put in WordPresses image folder that I can use, but want new ones occasionally.

    My host say that other WordPress users have the same problems. It keeps saying it can’t create the file in D:/etc. etc.

    Is there something she doesn’t understand or will WordPress 2.9 solve my problem. Would you mind giving me a clue?

    • Denzel Chia (7 comments.) says:


      First of all you need to check the folder permission of uploads folder under wp-content folder. It need to be in chmod 755, so that WordPress is able to create new folders under it to store your image uploads, such as create a folder named 2009 to store all your images uploaded in 2009.

      Secondly, maybe the file upload size of the server is limited to a size smaller than your images. My hosting provider limits it to 2MB to prevent user from using it as a file sharing server.

      Anyway, it has nothing to do with WordPress, that you are unable to upload your images. You hosting provider should help you solve your problem.

      Hope this information is of any use to you.

  2. Jeff (27 comments.) says:

    Hopefully this expands on the media handling features, and isn’t just another fancy way of sticking an image in post content.

  3. gestroud says:

    This probably isn’t the case in your situation, but when my host changed me from one server to another, I had to manually change the paths stored in my database using the Search and Replace plugin.

    Basically I used it to find all instances of oldpath/home/users/blahblahblah/ in my database and change it to newpath/home/users/blahblahblah/ If I hadn’t I couldn’t upload pictures at all.

  4. ?? (1 comments.) says:


  5. fsnhljz (1 comments.) says:

    Have been downloaded using the test, you will feel good, it seems to have raised the speed.

  6. Thomas Clausen (15 comments.) says:

    Not only does Justin do great themes and plugins, his write-ups is always a great read on how to bend WordPress to your will :-)

  7. Mike (1 comments.) says:

    This is awesome. Thanks for posting up the codes for it too – will definitely help when I launch a couple themes in the next two months.

    If I added the codes ahead of time to the functions.php file and added an if/else for the posts to either use this code or the default custom field code, would that break the theme if people use it with 2.8.6? I’m just thinking if I release the themes ahead of time before 2.9 comes out, I’d like to have this already built in.

  8. CroatiaExpert (1 comments.) says:

    I have been using a premium template for about a year with the tumbnail feature, it is absulutly awesome, so i am exithed to see how it will look in the 2.9 version.
    My recent post Blue and red lake Imotski

  9. thanks says:

    awesome. i've been doing this by hand the old fashioned way. this will definitely make it quicker and less "work".

  10. Indonesia Web Design (1 comments.) says:

    just exactly what I need right now. thanks for linking this

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