WordPress Theme Releases for 05/07


I Like Content


Two column, widgetized theme with a narrow sidebar in order to focus on content.



It’s a DJ influenced black and red 3 column theme. The sidebars are on the right. There is a customizable greeting message that can be configured from the Theme Options area in the admin menu. Also there are now 3 widget columns in the footer area that can be set up in the normal widget area.



A bi-color (navy-blue/tan) simple WP theme. Fluid layout. Cross-browser compatible. Gives the user the option to resize the font size (no plugin needed). 2 columns, sidebar on the right side. Paper pattern.

Red Carbon and other themes


Red Carbon is a two column widget ready WordPress theme with header that mimics red carbon.

Carrington 2.0

Carrington Blog 2.0

Two column theme with support for threaded comments, custom colors and header images with lightbox for galleries.

Are you a theme author? Submit your theme to get featured in our daily releases. Remember to provide a link to the theme page as well as a demo or screenshot.




  1. Banago (84 comments.) says:

    Nice themes, very nice. Well done!

  2. Babs (42 comments.) says:

    Too early for this much red for me. *laughs* Nice themes, though.

    I really like Inksplash, however it kind of cheeses me off that the author is using the footer to promote what appears to be their online cosmetic store.

  3. Vee (4 comments.) says:

    Hey guys. I’m the author of Inksplash. In reply to Babs, that it the footer is not an online cosmetic store, but just a regular website about natural beauty tips and tricks. ;) Does that make you feel better, Babs? :)
    However, if anyone wants the theme with no links in the footer, that can be aranged too. For a small fee, of course. Which I guess will be an even bigger turn off than those small links, isn’t it? ;)

    • Babs (42 comments.) says:

      The Inksplash footer link took me to a site about beauty tips, but at the top of that site’s home page (among the page links) was a link to a page where you could make purchases. The link placement, combined with the fact that Firefox says the link is to a page within the same domain (not a sub-domain), gives the impression that the site is also a business site. If that is not what you intended then perhaps you should have placed the link in, say, a blogroll.

      For a small fee?

      1. Open footer.php.

      2. Replace the comma after “WordPress Blogging Tips” with a period.

      3. Highlight and delete “proud owner of Name of Store“.

      4. Save.

      There, I did it for free. ;D

      • Vee (4 comments.) says:

        Sure…you did it for free and I am prefectly aware it can be done. When i meant “for a small fee”, I wasn’t talking about paying for the actual modification itself, but for the right to use the theme without my links.
        Sure you can say you can do that too without asking for my permission but that sais a lot about the moral standards of someone who does that. Don’t you think? ;)

        • Babs (42 comments.) says:

          Under GPL I can modify the theme as much as I want WITHOUT your permission. The only things I can’t do is sell it or promote it as my own. Therefore leaving the author link in is a common courtesy, not a requirement.

          As a common courtesy I did not explain how to remove the link to your (relevant) theme site.

          I believe it says a lot more about someone who designs a free theme, places a link to an unrelated business site in it assuming users are dim enough to promote said site for free, then harps about morals when they get called on it.

          • Vee (4 comments.) says:

            Well, Babs, as much as I would like to debate more with you on this, I have to put things out clear for you and others who might have the same issues as you do.
            First of all, downloading and using such a theme is optional. If you don’t like the author’s terms, you are free to use one of the other thousands of WP templates available.
            Secondly, when the author specifies clearly that his links should be kept intact if you intend to use his theme (as said on this theme’s homepage), keeping them is not a matter of courtesy.
            If the fact that someone who consumes his spare time to build themes so that others can use for free, asking in return that the user will keep a link to his sites which help him have that time to keep building more free themes for you to use, offends you, as said, you can move on to the next best free linkless theme.
            As simple as that.

          • Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

            You are violating the terms of the GPL if you do not allow people to modify and/or redistribute your themes. Your theme has been removed because it is a sponsored theme.


          • Vee (4 comments.) says:

            Yes, it’s a sponsored theme by… ME.
            It’s interesting how fast conclusions can be drawn without any further research.
            A simple whois check on both sites in the theme’s footer would have revealed the fact that they belong to one and the same person, that being me.

            Anyway, thanks for taking your time to put me in the corner where I belong. I guess for some, justice have been done. :)


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