WordPress Plugin Releases for 02/13

February 13th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

Buy Sell Ads WordPress Plugin

Easily integrate your Buy Sell Ads zones and includes anti-AdBlock meaures to help prevent AdBlock (and similar software) from blocking Buy Sell Ads advertisements.

Track MyBlogLog

This plugin identifies and tracks MyBlogLog readers on your website. The plugin will store the user avatar, location, website, twitter, technorati, etc.. along with the last visit dates.

Supple Forms

Supple Forms is a CMS plugin for WordPress that lets you easily add a custom write panel or meta box to the Write Post/Write Page screen. It differs from other custom write panel plugins in that you can store your data in either WordPress Custom Fields or your own custom table that the plugin will create for you. Additionally, it provides a powerful HTML snippet tool that lets you format and insert your data into pages and posts with shortcodes, and without tweaking templates.

SEO No Duplicate

Automatically deal with duplicate content on your blog by following Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Vimeo Sidebar Widget

Enable administrator to embed a single vimeo video into widget sidebar of blog. Administrator able to select autoplay and continous looping of vimeo video.

Threaded Comment Numbering

The plugin numbers comments accurately whether you choose to display them in ascending or descending date order, on multiple pages or on one long page, and with or without threading enabled. It also handles pingback and trackback numbering.

Picturesurf Gallery

Picturesurf Gallery is a free service that allows you to upload, link, and share photo galleries anywhere.


Allows you to display another’s subblog posts of a specific category.

I am reading

Configurable book display in a sidebar widget. Book information is read from Amazon or Open Library and gets cached in database.

WP Plugin Lister

Outputs all of your active plugins via PHP for use in page templates & more.

Login Configurator

Add features to control how your login form works including where the user is redirected when they log in.


Blueding automatically adds to your content, suitable for mobiles, a link to download the content onto mobile via bluetooth.

Custom fields shortcode

Use custom fields as shortcode in post content without edit your theme files.

Updated Plugins


wp-visitors records information about every visitor (page load). Requested URL, Referring URL, IP address, Hostname and Browser along with Date/Time are recorded and displayed in a tabular fashion. Geographical resolution of IP address (it’s only approximate) is also included.

Feed Reading Blogroll

The plugin displays the freshness for all your bookmarks with a separately saved feed-url, i.e. the age of the most recent update at the bookmarked site. You can also order your bookmarks by the freshness/latest update.

WordPress Security Scan

WordPress scanner is a free online resource that blog administrators can use to provide a measure of their wordpress security level. It is BETA software and is continually being developed.


Allows WordPress bloggers to send email updates to a given email address any time an RSS feed is updated.


Adds iTunes links to user’s Recently Played Tracks feed and displays them.


VidoopConnect makes it easier than ever to sign up and login to your site by letting your visitors reuse their existing accounts from sites like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook and MySpace, or any other OpenID provider.

SEO Blogroll

Lets you decide which blogroll links have the nofollow attribute. Don’t waste link juice!

Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.




  1. brad hart (2 comments.) says:

    WP Plugin Lister is a godsend when you want to know why your site quit working. If you are going to run it all the time, I don’t recommend running it on a public page in case anyone has found an exploitable weakness in a plugin that hasn’t been made common knowledge or fixed yet.

  2. Chung Bey Luen (14 comments.) says:

    Track MyBlogLog plugin is very interesting. I’m going to try it and see how it helps to increase my subscriber.

  3. Hikari (14 comments.) says:

    wpscan seems interesting, I’ll take a look tnx!

  4. Hall (2 comments.) says:

    Surely this will help to optimize a web page.

  5. George Serradinho (107 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the update, there are just so many plugins coming out now days that sometime it’s hard to keep up.

  6. The Knickermafia (1 comments.) says:

    Great new set of updates, thanks :)

  7. Massimo (7 comments.) says:

    Another great list of WordPress Plugin! Thank you!
    I’ll try “Buy Sell Ads” and “Twitter Tools” !!

    Do you know what are the differences between “Security Scan” and this: ??

    Thank you,

  8. DK (1 comments.) says:

    Ajay, the BlogSecurity scanner link is not correct. Its

    Thanks for the mention.


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