What’s in My Blogging Toolkit?

March 15th, 2007
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What’s in My Blogging Toolkit? I read this post from Ian via Problogger and since I am always interested in finding new tools and applications, I wanted to ask my readers on what they use to make their lives easier. Of course, a post such as this is incomplete without my own input. Here is a small subset of what is on my computer and my primary tools for blogging.

  • WordPress, of course: Quintissential, versatile blogging and CMS platform.
  • Firefox, latest: ALL of my browsing is done via this browser. I carry a USB key with portable apps
  • Foxmarks, latest: Synchronize my bookmarks across computers
  • Bloglines: Read and read some more
  • Statcounter: Almost all my stats needs
  • Feedburner: Feed stats
  • Google Alerts: Versatile email alerts
  • Google News Search: Highly versatile news search, I love the search by date feature
  • Techmeme: Hot tech news aggregator. Though this blog has never had the priviledge of showing up on Techmeme, it is definitely the place to go to find hot news in the tech world.
  • Gmail and Trillian for all communication needs. I use Google talk while travelling
  • RRDTool and MRTG: Stats packages, modified for my use, absolutely wonderful for multiple server monitoring and trends

Of course the list gets a little frayed at the end (and could get much longer) if I include items that are lesser relevant to blogging and I will refrain from straying off topic.

What is in your blogging toolkit?




  1. milo (6 comments.) says:

    Pretty good list, I use some of them too, e.g. WP, FF, statcounter, this services are very usable in my opinion:
    pingomatic or pingoat

  2. gidibao (10 comments.) says:

    Hello Mark,
    pretty good Blogging Toolkit! I agree with milo.

    Wambo is the easiest way to message and share files with anyone and it works on your blog pages.
    wbt awesome, quintissential… wtb rulez!!!
    Go2Web2.0 The complete web 2.0 directory
    TechCrunch a huge list of content resources for you to peruse and investigate for possible blog content.

    best regards

  3. Azmeen (14 comments.) says:

    In addition to Techmeme, I also check out tailrank every once in a while.

    The tech section is sometimes a little offtopic, often having way to much hardware/gadgets reviews stuff. But every now and then, really breaking IT/tech industry news manage to creep in.

  4. marina (1 comments.) says:

    Nice list! As for me, I’d like to add blogdesk. It has been extremely useful for me.

  5. Jonathan (1 comments.) says:

    WordPress has to be #1 on my list of “tools”. I also use TextPad to quickly edit things like plug-ins and my theme.

  6. juice says:

    Blogdesk here as well. It has some annoyances, but less than competing products :-) And plenty of positives.


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