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June 3rd, 2006

Websites as graphs View your website as a graph of colored, connected dots representing the various HTML entities. Thanks to TinyScreenFuls. Interestingly enough, I played around with a couple of blogs/sites before I came upon one that broke the grapher and did not display a graph at all. Can you find that blog?

Below is a graph of this blog.
website as a graph




  1. Vidar (2 comments.) says:

    In case you havent seen it yet, the websites as graphs photo pool at flickr

  2. Arunn says:

    Yes, great tool to check quickly the simplicity or complexity of our code.

    For some reason all of us want to claim that teh applet graphs a website (Website as graphs etc.) whereas it does in reality only a webpage – the front page/index page. The present applet by Sala should have been called “webpage as graphs”. I mentioned it as much in my post on this blograph

    I am just hair splitting because doing a website itself (multiple pages) offers more interesting possibilities and would end up with a graph with lots of dot-trees. Certainly a much more weirder and complex pattern.

  3. Mike Ralph (1 comments.) says:

    Just giving a load error at the moment, or am I doing something wrong?



    I guess I’m a sucker for graphs and charts. Especially when they’re automated, saving me the trouble of doing them by hand.
    Not that I could even attempt to hard-code the output that comes out of the utilitarian-named Websites as Graphs. …

  2. Babblogue says:


    The correct title of this post should be Webpage as Graph. But let me be the one who first coined the word blograph.
    Sala (email me: sala AT aharef DOT info) has written a program some two months back that converts all of the tags in a webpage into a w…

  3. […] Ever wondered what your blog looks like to a search engine ? Well it looks more like DNA to me. I found this clever little Java application at Weblog Tools Collection. Type you sites URL into the bar and sit back and watch as it produces a nice layout of you site. […]

  4. […] My take: Firstly, the applet makes the graph out of a single webpage and not that of the website, as some bloggers claim [as late as yesterday, June 3, 2006, Weblog Tools Collection mentions it as Websites as graphs]. […]

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