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Matt has written up a method to create his “Asides” or his linkblog due to popular request on the fora. I have been meaning to write a little tutorial myself, but since he and other have done it quite well, I shall refrain. This is basically a linkblog, or a blog of links which allows comments. Charles, Adam and a couple of other gurus have their own implementation. Here is a short list.

An examlple of Matt’s Asides – Tutorial of how to make it happen in your WordPress.

An example of Charles’ asides(look for “Linking up a Storm”) – Tutorial of how to make it happen for your WordPress.

An example of Adam’s asides(look for “a side of links”) – Tutorial of how to make it happen for your WordPress.

I am going to implement *one* of these as soon as I upgrade to 1.2. Any comments or suggestion on which is the easiest and most useful?




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