LaughingLizard (Mark Ghosh)

I am a 28 year old Software Engineer with an MS from the University of Toledo in Computer Science (Toledo, Ohio, not the original Toledo in Spain) and a Bachelor of Arts from The College of Wooster in Physics and English. I work with a Media company here in Toledo as a programmer for their Internet Products. Much of my work is concentrated on ColdFusion, ASP.NET, Perl, PHP, C++, Shell scripts, Javascript, Java and a whole lotta SQL.

I am a lover of peace and animals, I love cooking and the taste of wine. I relax with photography, I love working on cars, I own a bunch of and take a lot of pride in my remote control airplanes and cars. (Good) Smells tittilate me and snow and sunshine make me happy.

I am a family person. I presently live alone with my dog Luckey who is a German Shepherd/Huskey mix. I adore Jennifer, my girlfriend. She is the love of my life. I miss my parents because they live all the way in Calcutta, India (which is where I am from) My parents inspire me, spoil me and have been the guiding lights of my life. I love all of you more than I can ever express in words. They live with me six months out of the year and spend the rest at home in Calcutta.

I am passionate about peace and politics. I love people and interacting with people. I love writing and reading English literature (post-modern, classical, feminist, ethnic, you name it, I like it) I firmly believe in the power and education of the people, believe that I can make a change and a difference, and I dont like failure.

I dabble in everything programming, from #C to Javascript, from PHP to Perl and everything in between. I have started to learn and understand more about usability, aesthetics, standards and paradigms, but I still strongly believe that fanatical following of any of the above makes for poor programmers.

I am a computer guy and I do not apologize for it. I own at least one computer with every popular OS on it (Mac, Windows, Linux, UNIX) and I build all my own machines. I have many certifications and have worked in the tech industry as a project manager for many years. So experience is not lacking. And NO, I wont fix your computer! ;-)

Feel free to add your own thoughts about me if you would like or add your own about yourself. I am not going to protect this page and expect it to be written on. Dont worry, if you screw something up, I can restore it from the database.

Sincerely, Mark/Dinki/Madhujit

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