Introduce Yourself (other authors please do the same)

  1. LaughingLizard (Mark Ghosh)
  2. CarThik

To Do Lists

  1. Rewrite WordPress in ColdFusion MX
  2. Pictorialis II planned updates
  3. Redesign the interface, gather ideas
  4. Python module to auto-record IRC channel conversations

Brainstorms and Raves

  1. Ideas for CSPAM:

<skippy> LaughingLizard: do IPs expire from your system at all? <skippy> seems spammers are using large pools of IPs. Eventually one will be assigned to a legitimate user

<surfichris> perhaps something to add them? <surfichris> then* <surfichris> make it so the admin can specify words/keywords which are stripped and not sent to the checker?

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