Fitr Theme Options helps theme designers to make a diverse and rich option page for their themes.

FTO will make adding options to themes as simple as possible. Provides variety of default options and helps blog owner to design their own themes.

In a few words Fitr Theme Options makes template customizing easy and bring more fun to WordPress (As well as WPMU)

Options Page

Fitr Theme Options


  1. The plugin automatically sets up custom header image for the theme.
  2. Users can easily change backgrounds, fonts, sizes, text colors, borders, etc….
  3. Theme author can define unlimited different styles for the theme easily.
  4. The plugin can automatically add “Right to Left” style to theme.
  5. Theme author can add custom fields to option page. FTO currently supports text, checkbox, dropdown menu, category menu, page list, radio buttons and text area.
  6. Fitr Theme Options is Plugginable. So imagine a set of new plugins that extends your theme abilities (e.g. random header, style rotator, etc…).
  7. Fitr Theme Options is secure, multilingual and works with WP Super Cache.

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To test plugin please use WordPress Default Theme (or Classic Theme).

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